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The Digital Operating Room. The Next Generation from the DORICON DESIGN TEAM.

Doricon - Medical Systems Division

For over three decades, the Design Team leading Doricon has been on the forefront of the Operating Room Integration Market with innovative products and highly valued services.  Now, the Doricon Design Team is setting a new standard in this market by offering the most completely integrated, open and customizable Operating Room Control System available.  

Doricon - Advanced OR Integration

OR integration helps surgeons operate with greater precision and effectiveness.

The application of advanced technology in the Operating Room enables surgeons to operate with greater precision and effectiveness.  The immediate availability of visual information and data from multiple sources allows surgeons to operate more efficiently, which may shorten anesthesia time and may contribute to improved outcomes.  The function of the Integrated Operating Room Control System is to provide maximum visual information and data to the surgeon in real time.  The sophisticated, intuitive Touch Panel User Interface allows the operating room staff to provide this support for the surgeon without distracting from their focus on the patient. 


  • Wireless
  • Procedure Agile
  • Value Oriented and Reliable
  • Scalable and Modular
  • Customizable
  • Application Ready & User Friendly

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Completely Integrated Operating Room Functionality, Now on a Mobile Platform.

The technology advantages of a fully integrated Operating Room allow surgeons and staff to function with increased efficiency and maintain a higher level of patient focus. See more.

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Doricon Medical Systems Division is now located in Marco Island, Florida.

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