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Job Opportunities within OR integration market

For over three decades, the design team leading Doricon has been on the forefront of the Operating Room Integration Market with innovative products and highly valued services.  Now, Doricon is setting a new standard in this market by offering the most completely integrated, open and customizable Operating Room Control System available.

Doricon is currently accepting resumes from exceptional people who are motivated by an entrepreneurial mindset.  We offer a work culture focused on technological innovation, where hard work is expected and creativity is rewarded.

If you have a passion for Sales and have three or more years experience either selling Capital Medical Equipment or as a Nurse in an Operating Room, we have openings in strategic geographic areas for either full or part-time commissioned sales personnel.  Please email your resume or CV with a cover letter indicating your interest to HRSupport@Doricon.com. 

If you have three or more years experience as an electrical or electronic technician, are adept at reading schematics and wiring diagrams, are enthusiastic about working with speed and precision and love to travel, Doricon has full time positions based in southern Florida, as well as other key metropolitan locations.  Extensive training and all required tools are provided.  Please email your resume with a cover letter indicating your interest to HRSupport@Doricon.com. 

The Doricon Design Team is looking for brilliant hardware and software engineers to help create our next generation of groundbreaking products.  If you are a Software Engineer with a degree in the computer sciences and a focus on control systems, wireless technology or network integration, we have positions in southern Florida.  If you are a Hardware Engineer with a degree in Electrical or Electronic Engineering and extensive experience in the field of High Definition Video, we have openings in southern Florida.  If you have a solid technical foundation and are committed to innovation, please email your resume with a cover letter indicating your interest to HRSupport@Doricon.com.



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