Total OR Integration. The Digital Operating Room

Digital Operating Room Services

System Design
Doricon provides extensive system design services.  Whether you are involved in new construction, renovation or simply feature improvements, Doricon provides experience and information to assist you in the design of a system to optimize integration in your operating rooms.  Detailed CAD drawings, floor plans, wiring diagrams and equipment placement drawings are valuable assets in determining optimal ergonomics and workflow throughout your operating room suite.

New Construction  
We welcome the opportunity to be involved in new construction planning from the beginning.  We have extensive experience in integrating video monitors and cameras on ceiling mounted arms.  If conduit is required, we can provide custom conduit drawings to your architect and/or equipment planner.  In addition, product dimensions, power loads, HVAC loads, seismic information as well as other important details are available to assist architects and contractors.

High Definition Video Upgrades
Many of the hospitals that invested in previous generation, state of the art digital OR integration are satisfied with the functionality of their systems, but need to take advantage of the image quality that is now available from HD Cameras and Monitors.  Doricon specializes in adding HD video routing to existing integrated systems regardless of the source of the original system.  The transition to HD video image quality creates the perfect opportunity to upgrade the system features, add customization and simplify the operating room, all at a significant value compared to the original source.



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